Thursday 16 March 2017

Do You Always Need a Certificate for Your Natural Color Diamond

Do You Always Need a Certificate for Your Natural Color Diamond

As a reminder, a diamond certificate is an official document that can be considered the ID of your gem. It is issued by laboratories such as the IGI, the HRD, the EGL, or the GIA, to name a few. But a certificate represents an additional cost - which depends on the lab: the GIA being in the United States, a certificate from that laboratory is more expensive than one from the IGI, which is in Antwerp - and you might wonder if you really need it.

When you purchase a diamond from a renowned and trusted diamond dealer, you don’t need a diamond certificate. At Langerman Diamonds, we automatically provide you with an Expert’s Report, signed and dated, that guarantees the natural origin of the colored diamond you buy. However, as diamond professionals, we can also advise you on whether you should request a diamond certificate or not.

The first question you should ask yourself is: do I purchase this colored diamond for myself or is it just for an investment? For instance, we don’t think it would be necessary for you to get a certificate for one of our Hot Deals, or a small diamond you buy for your own enjoyment: an extra document is not going to make it more beautiful to your own eyes.

However, we would recommend you to consider getting a certificate for an expensive stone or in specific cases like for a green diamond, for instance. Indeed, the natural origin of these colored diamonds are harder to determine than any others. Anyway, each case is different and you should never hesitate to ask us what we would do if we were you.