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How to Style Color Diamond Charms

How to Style Color Diamond Charms

When thinking about fine jewelry featuring fancy color diamonds, the most luxurious designs might come to mind; cocktail rings, drop earrings, or a statement necklace. Stunning pieces designed for special occasions, conceived to be paired with glamorous outfits. But color diamond jewelry can also be subtle, dainty, and playful.

Charms are a clever way to add the luxurious touch of natural color diamonds in a more relaxed style that fits everyday, casual looks.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of diamond charms. 

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • Types of charms
  • How to style multiple charms
  • Design ideas

Expression and Versatility

This pendant encasing a rough color diamond can be adapted into a charm to fit necklaces or bracelets.

Traditionally associated with bracelets, charms can be incorporated into other jewelry pieces, such as necklaces and hoop earrings, allowing for more creative expression and the versatility to create brand-new looks with your existing jewelry collection.

Adding diamond charms to a chain link necklace will dress it up creating a focal point with more color and texture, perfect for a unique layering style.

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Depending on their size and how they are designed, most hoop earrings can be personalized with interchangeable charms. Mix and match different shapes, lengths, and colors for dynamic looks. 

From whimsical shapes to nature-inspired motifs, there are endless options to design a custom charm. These pendant accessories aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they can become storytelling tools to honor special memories or symbolize key aspects of your identity.

Types of Diamond Charms

You can go into different design directions with natural color diamonds; add scattered colorful accents with flush-set melee diamonds or arrange them in a special pavé-set design. If you want to highlight your favorite hue, you might prefer to select a single diamond in basket-setting.

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To spark some ideas, here’s a list of the most common types and themes for charm designs:


Champagne diamond pendant for necklace. A similar style could be designed to fit a bracelet.

Invest in a single diamond that will add a luxurious note to your jewelry. Pick your favorite diamond shape and let it be the star of your charm.

Lucky Tokens

Certain symbols and colors are believed to bring good luck, fortune, and protection to the wearer and charms are a fantastic way of carrying those meanings with you every day. Some examples of lucky charms include four-leaf clovers and horseshoes.

Four-leaf clover pendant with colorless melee diamonds and hollow middle to see the yellow diamond from the other facet
Four-leaf clover pendant with colorless melee diamonds and hollow middle to see the yellow diamond from the other facet.

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Hobbies and Passions

These types of charms are conversation-starter pieces and are a popular gift option for birthdays. Represent your interest in music, sports, or astrology with a recognizable emblem and spark it up with natural color diamonds.

Black and Yellow Diamonds Dice
Black diamond dice with Yellow diamonds.


From ancient religious figures to chakra colors, you can express your faith and beliefs with a meaningful charm or a combination of them to create an original piece.

Religious diamond charm by Langerman Diamonds.
Star of David crafted in 18kt white gold with pavé-set diamonds.

From ancient religious figures to chakra colors, you can express your faith and beliefs with a meaningful charm or a combination of them to create an original piece.


Celebrate your relationships with family, friends, or your other half. Design a piece that includes initials or significant dates that honor your shared history with a loved one.

18K white gold heart-shaped charm with flush-set Pink diamond.
Bracelet with yellow gold charm and flush-set color diamonds.
White gold chain bracelets with intertwined hearts and pavé color diamonds.

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Styling Ideas

1. Mix and match: Unleash your creativity by curating a captivating collection of diamond charms that tell a unique story when combined. Explore a range of shapes, colors, and designs to express your individuality and create a meaningful piece of jewelry. Whether it's an eclectic mix or a perfectly curated selection, you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind, statement piece.

2. Layer up: Embrace the art of layering to create a captivating jewelry ensemble. Experiment with combining multiple chain necklaces or bracelets, each adorned with a different diamond charm.

Bracelets with flush-set color diamonds.

3. Keep it simple: Sometimes, less is more. For an effortlessly elegant and timeless look, opt for a single diamond charm as the focal point of your jewelry. Choose a charm that resonates with your style and holds personal significance. Whether it's a delicate solitaire diamond or a symbolic dangling accent, let it shine on its own. This minimalist approach showcases the beauty of the diamond charm with sophistication and simplicity.

Remember, styling diamond charms is all about expressing your style, embracing creativity, and crafting a look that resonates with your individuality.

Fancy Inspiration

At Langerman Diamonds, you will find over 300 unique hues. To help you come up with ideas for designing your next charm, we’ve gathered a rainbow-inspired selection of our available diamonds.

0.29 ct Marquise cut Pumpkin diamond.
0.21 ct Oval cut Canary diamond.
Fancy Vivid Green-Yellow diamond from Langerman Diamonds.
0.19 ct Round brilliant cut Lime diamond
0.74 ct Rectangular modified brilliant cut Raspberry diamond with GIA report
Fancy Deep Purplish Pink diamond from Langerman Diamonds.
Natural Pink Diamond 0.12 ct Rectangle Pink Diamond
Fancy Pinkish Purple diamond.
0.21 ct Pear cut Lilac diamond.
Fancy Gray-Violet diamond from Langerman Diamonds.
0.21 ct Marquise cut Blue diamond.

For smaller charms or pavé-designs, we recommend our melee diamonds. Select your favorite color for a monochromatic style, create an ombré effect to highlight different tone intensities or have fun combining contrasting hues. Our melee diamonds are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors; perfect to mix and match.

Melee diamonds in various colors available at Langerman Diamonds.
Natural color melee diamond mix.

Are you ready to start your diamond charm collection? Contact us to source natural color diamonds for your designs or take advantage of our bespoke service to receive a finished piece.