Tuesday 07 July 2020

Original Wedding Plans Downscaled

Original Wedding Plans Downscaled

Shine Like the Rainbow

Knowing you aren’t alone and other brides and grooms are in the same situation can provide some solace. In fact, micro weddings have become the center of many conversations. Although celebrating with an intimate circle may not seem ideal, the world isn’t the same and uncertain times require thinking outside the box.

At Langerman, we’ve been talking to many friends and customers about how they’re celebrating major events, without loved ones or friends. One anxious maid of honor tasked with reorganizing the ceremony recently asked for our advice. We advised her to create a memorable necklace for the bride – a sleek dainty pendant bar with very small melee diamonds. This is a necklace that the bride can continue adding to with existing pendants too.

She suggested to each guest that was unable to attend the wedding to buy a small color melee diamond (priced from USD$4 to USD$300, depending on the color). On the day before the wedding ceremony, the maid of honor will present the bride with this special necklace.
And while diamonds can’t replace people, we think this is lovely way to symbolize absent friends. Every time the bride looks at the jewel, she’ll remember her best friend’s incredibly sweet gesture.
Rainbow natural color diamonds bracelet-  marquises

Melee diamonds, which are tiny and affordable, are a terrific option for creating a lot of sparkle in a piece of jewelry. And just like each bride’s unique personality, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design possibilities.

Bless the wedding and your love with a rainbow of colors. The sun will come out after a downpour, and perhaps even a rainbow. It’s reassuring to know we’re all in this together.



If you need advice on how to select different colors, we’re here to help and just a click away.