Wednesday 07 November 2018

Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night

As the season is changing from colorful autumn to snowy winter, the nights are getting longer.  But don’t despair, nights are beautiful as the stars shine more brightly and the alluring mystery surrounds the calm air of quietness - just like the enigmatic beauty of natural black diamonds - the queens of the night.  

The color black is known for its sophistication and majestic presence and no fashionista could survive without a black dress or slacks to match diverse occasions, from casual to formal, from avant-garde to classic.  Black is the color we turn to when we’re in doubt of our own sense of style, to be chic, to be strong, to be beautiful without the fuss.

And no other gems could reflect such stature of magnificence except for the truly special - the natural color diamond in black. 

No wonder Mr. Big presented a 5 carat black diamond engagement ring at the climatic ending of the movie Sex in the City 2, to Carrie Bradshaw, the heroine of the infamous TV series turned to a movie, and arguably the most influential figure in fashion a TV series created to this day. And Carrie wasn’t alone in falling in love with the mesmerizing charm of a black diamond.

Soon, actress Carmen Electra and tattoo artist Kat Von D, who carries her own brand of cosmetics, flaunted their black diamond engagement rings. 


Natural black diamonds are exceptionally rare, and thus, highly coveted, as these stones are opaque diamonds with a high luster that gives the stones the amazing mirror-like appearance.

Most natural black diamonds are only found in a limited number of mines and owe their color to an overabundance of dark inclusions. These inclusions are typically microscopic concentrations of graphite, magnetite, hematite or iron.  And because they’re so heavily included, cutting and polishing them can be challenging, and they must be set with great care. But despite it all, black diamonds have a distinctive look like no other diamonds and they’re more affordable.

For someone who is looking to make a beautiful jewel piece, not necessarily intended as an investment, heated black diamonds  are a good option - most of the black diamonds used in the jewelry industry are heated -  as it is more pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, a collector of natural color diamonds or those looking to make wise investments might be more interested in natural black diamonds.

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