Friday 18 August 2017

Sparkle on the Court

Sparkle on the Court

During holidays, outdoor sports are a perfect way to stay in shape. Nevertheless, sport practice is not a reason for banning diamond jewelry from your wrists. It might even be the opposite: if you are a tennis player, you may choose to wear a tennis bracelet, a fine diamond jewel also called eternity bracelet.

This flexible and lightweight piece of jewelry was called “tennis bracelet” after a famous tennis game where Chris Evert, the renowned tennis star, lost hers during a match of the 1987 US Open. She then asked to stop the game until her precious bracelet could be found. This unexpected event started a trend amongst tennis players, and champions like Serena Williams regularly wear one.

Actually, diamonds are the ideal gems for an active lifestyle, since they are shockproof. Additionally, the serpentine structure of tennis bracelets make them the perfect jewelry to wear when moving. However, don’t make the same mistake as Chris Evert: a tennis bracelet must always have a safety clasp!

by Yseult DCDL