Thursday 20 July 2017

Stand Out With Natural Color Diamonds

Stand Out With Natural Color Diamonds
Picture: Lime green diamods pavé-set ring that naturally changes its color depending on the light: daylight - sunlight - ultraviolet 

When partying this summer, you will probably dance under black lights. And if you wear a natural color diamond, you might be surprised!

Indeed, nearly 80% of these gemstones fluoresce.

This natural phenomenon is more or less strong and can be surprising. Indeed, a colored diamond can reveal a totally different hue when under ultraviolet lights.  

Fluorescence - Natural Intense Yellow Green diamond- Langerman Diamonds

Contrary to colorless diamonds that generally show a blue glow, most of the time, the fluorescence of their colored counterparts can’t be predicted: gray colored diamonds can appear yellow as well as blue or turquoise under ultraviolet.

Fluorescence is even intrinsic to particular diamonds. For instance, the stunning greenish-yellow  color diamonds from Venezuela have a very high fluorescence. A striking and unexpected effect that makes these gems even more fascinating.  

By YDCDL - Langerman Diamonds