Wednesday 24 July 2019

Summer Rules for Your Jewelry

Summer Rules for Your Jewelry

Imagine: You’re nearly packed for an incredible journey. On top of your luggage is your favorite swimsuit and your sunblock. You love—you adore—your jewelry and will never leave it behind. Before boarding, be sure to wear it or keep it in your carry-on hand luggage. Take a special box with you, and plan to store it safely once arriving at your destination.

Are you ready to relax? First of all, as sunscreen can dull the luster and shine of your diamonds, remove your gems before applying that SPF 50+, and keep your jewelry out of the pool and hot tub. Swimming pools are definitely not compatible with jewels. Although there is no reaction between chlorine and pure gold, chlorine can pit and dissolve metals since most gold and platinum jewelry is made of a combination of gold or platinum and alloy. Contact with chlorine should be avoided at all cost but, if you really have no time to safely remove your jewelry before a dive in the pool, keep calm, enjoy, and rinse it with clean water.

As discussed before, the diamond on your finger is most likely made of recycled seabed, but this doesn’t mean that swimming with your beloved jewels is recommended. The cold ocean temperatures can actually make your fingers shrink and your ring might fall off while you’re swimming. We don’t want to be pessimistic, but trying to find your ring in the ocean will be a lost cause. On top of this, saltwater may corrode your jewelry and lead to the erosion of soldered parts.

Sand can be also an enemy! Small sand particles could get stuck in between the diamond and setting and harm the prongs holding the diamond.

Last but not least, before leaving, open your indispensable task manager, and schedule an appointment for a yearly checkup for your jewelry. It’s the only way to be sure the prongs and settings are securely holding your beloved stones.

If you have any other questions about taking care of your jewels and natural-color diamonds, please reach out, and we’ll make sure you’re prepared to sparkle all summer long. 


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