Friday 18 August 2017

The Best Shape for a Bigger Stone

The Best Shape for a Bigger Stone

Regarding the best size effect, not all diamond shapes are equal.

Visually speaking, it is good to know that some cuts will look bigger than others. This means that for the same weight, flatter shapes will make a stone seem bigger. 

Among these are classical shapes like the marquise, a very elegant, slender, elongated cut. It emphasizes the stone’s weight while keeping the sparkle of a perfect round brilliant cut. As for the pear shape, which is also beautiful and resembles a teardrop, it has the same qualities.

But if you like more unusual styles, you might prefer the trillion: a triangle that can come with 31 or 44 facets.

Just be careful when you purchase such a stone that it doesn’t show a gap in the facets; this would create a feeling that it lacks some sparkling. Nevertheless, if you need any advice, we will be glad to help.