Monday 17 April 2017

The End of Pink Diamonds

The End of Pink Diamonds

It is now official: Rio Tinto, the company which operates the famous Argyle mine, has announced it will close the mine in 2021. Why such a decision? According to its estimation, Rio Tinto considers that the site won’t be worth operating anylonger at this point (more digging for less and less gemstones).  

As a reminder, the Argyle mine, located in the Kimberley region, in the north of Western Australia, is the first supplier of natural colored diamonds in the world. Since 1983, it has produced colorless, champagne, cognac, chocolate and other natural color diamonds, but most of all, it is well known for its unique pink and blue diamonds.

 Natural Color Diamonds - Argyle - Langerman Diamonds

Argyle pink diamonds’ have a typical color and are considered the most beautiful pink natural color diamonds on the market. Naturally, along with their scarcity, their value will rise and soon they will become even more in demand. A good thing to know if you intend to purchase a pink colored diamond. Argyle pink diamonds are not only gorgeous, but they will become a good investment.