Wednesday 20 December 2017

Create the Perfect Love Symbol

Create the Perfect Love Symbol

No, you won’t be able to get the exact same ring as Prince Harry’s future wife, Meghan Markle, but the now famous three-stone engagement ring - sometimes called trilogy ring or trinity ring - can be a good source of inspiration for your own creation. As it has been said since the official announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement, the jewel has been designed by Harry himself. Indeed, he wanted the ring to be as meaningful as unique. This is why he used a diamond from Botswana - a country he cherishes particularly - as center stone, surrounded by two smaller diamonds from one of Princess Diana’s brooches.

 Trilogy Ring. Intense yellowish orange brilliant



The Trilogy theme is an all time classic in jewelry as it illustrates harmony and perfect balance. Regarding the size, cut and color of the stones, you can go for whatever attracts you most.

Pink gold and three champagne natural color diamondsTrilogy. Purplish pink marquise

To celebrate an engagement or another event (a birth, a wedding anniversary…), we can help you design your very own creation (ring, pendant,...).

The advantage of natural color diamonds is the endless possibilities of color combinations they offer. An engagement ring could be made with 3 diamonds featuring the color from your eyes, combined with your spouse’s one, along with another personal meaningful tone. You can also bring us a stone from a family jewel that would become the center-piece of your three-stone ring. There are numerous ways to make a ring unique.

Trilogy Engagement Ring - Langerman DiamondsTrilogy Ring - Langerman Diamonds

Additionally, it doesn’t have to be made of massive diamonds: what counts most is the color of the stones you pick and how you highlight their specific hue. For example, a combination of 3 different tones of brown diamonds like champagne, cognac, and chocolate could be just amazing. These colors are getting trendier by the day and remain still quite affordable. What greater satisfaction can you get than seeing the product of your own imagination at the finger of your loved one?