Monday 03 June 2019

Wedding: Stuck on Your 'Something Blue'

Wedding: Stuck on Your 'Something Blue'

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. Every bride-to-be has certainly heard this Victorian’s rhyme. Tradition, superstition or just because it’s fun has made these all wedding-day must-haves. Adding a personal twist to these tokens of love will make your wedding even more romantic and special.

Why not choose your wedding band for the “something blue” and wear this sentimental sky or ocean color every day as a symbol of passion, sincerity and fidelity. This universally pleasing color exhibits an inner security and confidence, and will be a daily reminder that someone is “ true blue” and loves you with no doubt. The diamond can also be set inside the ring as a secret token of your love story. A little something special that is held close and shared between you and your bride or groom.

An exquisite blue diamond for a one-of-a-kind wedding band. Langerman Diamonds. A secret blue diamond for the most romantic wedding band.  Langerman Diamonds. YDCDL


You’ve already set your sights on a timeless band adorned with sparkling round brilliant diamonds?  Why not interchange one of them with a fancy color diamond and make your ring wow her with this special and unexpected surprise.

Wedding band with a small pink diamond.

If you’ve already found your something blue, or if blue is definitely not your color, then choose another color from the vast possibilities that speaks to you. Make it uniquely yours and pick the color of your story. Any tiny touch of color will turn your wedding band into a blessed talisman to ward off wicked spirits and will ensure you a happy future.


Drawing Custom Wedding ring. Langerman Diamonds