Monday 07 December 2020

Lucapa Reveals 15.2 Carat Heart-Shaped Diamond

Lucapa Reveals 15.2 Carat Heart-Shaped Diamond

December 3, 2020 Press Release Lucapa:  Lucapa Diamond Company revealed a 15.2 carat heart-shaped pink diamond that has been cut from a rough diamond recovered earlier in the year  by the Sociedade Mineira Do Lulo (SML).

The rough stone was studied and polished in Antwerp, and the heart shaped diamond was graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as Fancy Intense Orangy Pink, with a clarity grade of VVS1 and Excellent gradings for both polish and symmetry.

Other two pearl-shaped diamonds of 3.3ct and 2.3ct we also cut from the original rough diamond.

For more information on these stones see Lucapa's press release


 Image: The 15.2 carat Fancy Intense Orangy Pink Heart shaped diamond (Courtesy: Lucapa)