Friday 13 May 2022

Price Index for Fancy Color Diamonds Increases

Price Index for Fancy Color Diamonds Increases

FCRF, The Fancy Color Research Foundation, recently announced the results of their Q1 2022 Fancy Color Diamond Index. The Prices of Fancy Color Diamonds increased 1% compared to the previous 3 months, continuing the tendency shown in 2021. The increase was mainly led by the pink diamonds that rose 1.3% and the yellows with 0.7%.

Eden Rachminov, FCRF Advisory Board member elaborated on the results for Q1: 

“The results of the index reflect pre-boycott prices on Russian diamonds. Since this boycott, the supply of yellow diamonds has dropped dramatically. The price increases also take place while China is under a harsh lockdown. Once their Covid policy will dissolve and Chinese diamond lovers will return to the market, we will witness a burst in demand for luxury goods and fancy color diamonds in particular, followed by an additional significant price increase.“

For more information read FCRF’s Press Release  here