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Creating The Perfect Color Diamond Ring Stack

Creating The Perfect Color Diamond Ring Stack

Figuring out your personal jewelry style and how to combine different pieces from your collection can be somewhat challenging. Wearing jewelry sets with matching gold tones and color diamonds is an excellent way to look coordinated and create a harmonious look. But what happens when you want to make different styles and textures work together? And how do you combine multiple pieces from the same category?

This guide will take a deep dive into natural color diamond rings and how to create the most stylish, unique combinations.

Find inspiration in our gallery of bespoke rings.


The Basics of Ring Styling

Set of Interlocking Eternity Rings With White, Cognac, and Chocolate diamonds. 

How you wear your rings probably varies in response to different personal and/or work situations. After reading this guide, you will discover new and exciting ways to style rings so you can make the most out of your personal collection—and plan your next purchases. 

Tips On Ring Size

Before getting into it, you should know about ring size fluctuation. This is completely normal as our fingers can feel swollen or slightly thinner throughout the day, mainly due to temperature changes or physical activity. Typically, our fingers tend to swell up during and after a high-intensity workout session, as well as in hot weather. In contrast, in very cold conditions they can become a little bit slimmer. 

So, don’t worry if your favorite ring suddenly feels a little tighter. You can move it to another finger or wear it on the opposite hand. Having rings of varying sizes that fit different fingers is a great way to ensure you’ll always find a way to create distinct looks.

Elegant, Minimal Stack With Rings, And Midi-Rings from Langerman Jewels.


You can also wear small-sized rings in your phalanges. When styling your rings this way, they are referred to as ‘midi-rings.’


Every Finger Can Be A ‘Ring Finger’

In ancient times, it was believed there was a vein in the fourth finger of the left hand that connected directly to the heart. This is the reason why many cultures adopted the custom of wearing all sorts of love or marriage rings on this particular lucky finger.

Every finger has a different meaning or symbolism according to varying traditions. But nowadays, all that matters is how you like it. You can wear rings on your thumb, pinky, middle, or index finger. 

Fancy Color Diamond Rings Worn In The Index and Annular Fingers.

The most valuable tip here is to focus on comfort. You might want to consider not wearing many rings on your dominant hand if it feels like they could get in the way of your daily activities.


The Bridal Ring Stack

1.95 ct Fancy Champagne Oval Diamond Engagement Ring With Floating Halo And Matching Eternity Band.

Most women will wear at least two rings in their lives; an engagement ring and a wedding band. And depending on the bride’s cultural background and geographical location, tradition might dictate for them to be worn together, separate, or on the left or right hand’s fourth finger.

After marriage, many women wear their engagement rings with their wedding bands daily. Others find it more comfortable to wear the band for everyday life and reserve the more luxurious diamond ring for special occasions. Both styling choices are valid, and there is no right or wrong.

Eternity Wedding Band With Natural Chocolate Diamonds.

You can have fun with your bridal ring stack and select contrasting Fancy color diamonds to create an attractive contrast and express your personality.


Get The Look With A Faux Stack 

Wearing multiple rings on multiple fingers, it’s not for everybody. If this sounds like you, we have a solution: the faux ring stack. 

White Gold Multiple Bands Ring With 0.50 ct Pear Cut Pink Diamond Center Stone.

At Langerman, we have created many custom designs that give the illusion of wearing many bands together. This kind of statement piece will instantly add dimension and texture to your look.

Multi-shank Ring With White And Black Diamonds in 18k White Gold.


Start With Versatile Designs

A classic band in your favorite gold alloy with just a pop of color will be easy to incorporate into different stacks.

White Gold Band With Fancy Black Diamond Accent.


White Gold Band With Fancy Color Diamond Accents.

The next ring has a sleek, modern shape that features natural Mint green, Chocolate, and Yellow diamonds. This color combo already inspires possible layering options.

Three-stone Modern Ring With Mint Green, Chocolate, And Yellow Diamond.

From our made-to-order collection, The One ring features a single brilliant-cut natural color diamond. Make it your own by selecting the gold alloy and color of your diamond. The unusual side bezel setting calls for fun ways to layer it.

Stack The One Ring In Different Ways.


Layer Eternity Bands

Add a sparkling row of color to your ring stack with an eternity band. Customize it to your taste by choosing larger or smaller diamonds to create a thinner or thicker band. You can also play with contrasts like in the stack below, which features White and Black diamonds.

 Layering Dainty Eternity Rings With Natural Color Diamonds.


If you prefer a more homogenous look, we recommend stacking multiple versions of the same model and introducing variation by mixing diamond colors. Create a bright and vibrant palette with your favorite hues.

Eternity Ring With Channel-Set Natural Color Diamonds.


Channel-Set, Half-Eternity, Fancy Color Diamond Rings.


If you opt for a thin, delicate style, you can layer multiple bands together and give the appearance of a chunky, multicolored diamond ring. 

Set of Six ‘The Line’ Eternity Rings.


Inspired to design your own color diamond ring stack? Contact us to explore design options.