Tuesday 25 April 2023

Essential Color Diamond Jewelry

The first months of a new year bring new ideas and awaken the desire for change and renovation. It’s the perfect time to review what’s working on your wardrobe and think of new additions.

Everybody has a fundamental selection of items that become the building blocks of their own style. From a structured blazer to a pair of comfy loafers, there are certain colors and silhouettes we keep going back to and call staples that stay in our collections for a long time.

No matter how much your sense of fashion evolves throughout the years, classic designs are timeless. And if there’s one category to pay special attention to due to its long-term potential, it’s diamond jewelry. A fine piece will serve you well and stay in your family for generations, with its sentimental and economic value increasing over time.

Marquise cut Rosé diamond from the Argyle mine in Australia

Fancy color diamonds are our specialty at Langerman Diamonds, their unique hues inspire creative designs and intricate forms. 

Fantasy and theatricality play a massive role in some jewelry collections and memorable moments and events in life call for such original pieces. But the playful sparkle of natural color diamonds can be enjoyed daily and bring a luxurious subtle note to your casual ensembles.

Here are six diamond jewelry essentials to add this year to your jewelry box:

1. Color Diamond Stud Earrings

Bezel-set Fancy color diamond earrings from our The One collection

In the era of zoom meetings and digital connections, earrings have become one of the most elemental pieces to have. Diamond stud earrings are such a dainty but powerful item; they frame the eyes and illuminate the face with their natural brilliance.

live diamond stud earrings with 18kt gold bezel-setting

Chocolate, Olive, or Blue diamonds are excellent options to match your eye color and compliment your features. 

Set of two Princess cut Champagne VS diamonds

Warm, lighter hues like that of our Vanilla and Champagne diamonds are the perfect match for a neutral look and yellow gold accents.

Set of two Round cut Raspberry diamonds from Argyle, Australia

For a pop of color, turn to our Raspberry, Jonquille, or Lime diamonds—their rich, vibrant colors will attract compliments all the time.

Bespoke Cognac trillion cut diamond stud earrings

Personalize your own Fancy color diamond stud earrings by selecting your favorite shape or adding an extra layer of versatility like the example below.

Custom-made Yellow diamond stud earrings with removable halo

2. Eternity Rings

Eternity bands set with natural color diamonds

Traditionally worn as wedding or anniversary bands, eternity rings are no longer reserved for nuptial celebrations. Nowadays, this design is not tied to an emblem of  love, but  seen as a classic design and a must-have for a luxurious ring stack.

Layering color diamond eternity rings from our The Line collection

An endless row of sparkling Langerman Diamonds is the perfect way to wear elegantly your favorite colors daily.

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3. A Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets with Fancy color diamond accents

The tennis bracelet is one of the most iconic jewels in any personal collection. Seen as an elegant design, it also makes perfect sense for everyday looks.

The Line Bracelets with natural color diamonds

At Langerman Jewels, we designed The Line Bracelet, a modern interpretation of the classic tennis style, adapted for a minimalist feel and that can be customized with your favorite combination of gold and diamond color.

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4. Diamond Hoops

Champagne diamond hoop earrings from The Line collection

Diamond hoop earrings are the ideal piece of jewelry to add sophistication and elevate your outfit for any occasion.

Create your dream hoop earrings with Fancy Pink melee diamonds

Turn this traditional design into a statement piece by selecting your favorite shimmery shade. Spotted in the latest runway shows, hoop earrings are still associated with Creole and other Caribbean cultures but the design can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia.


5. A Solitaire Pendant Necklace

Any look can reach glamorous new heights when paired with a solitaire necklace. Diamond necklaces can be considered a classic piece in past decades and for the foreseeable future. 

0.52ct Pear-shaped Indigo VS diamond ready to be set in a solitaire necklace

If you’re going for a monochromatic, classic, or neutral-toned outfit, a pop of color will add your personal touch and serve as a conversation starter: “What is that stone? Why that color? What does it mean?”

Select this 1.15 ct Heart cut Orange diamond if you want to design an essential romantic piece

Diamond solitaire necklaces can be a statement piece on their own or be the foundation of a layered look. This simple design can still offer so many variations to reflect your style.

Layering two diamond solitaire necklaces from our Langerman Jewels’ collection The On

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6. A Statement Ring

Finally, we have the statement ring.

Bespoke ring made with Heart cut diamonds in Cognac, Apricot, and Intense Yellow colors

Perhaps it’s not the first piece that comes to mind when building a collection of essentials, but it has made it to our list for a very good reason: everybody needs a staple. And a bold, vibrant ring is the perfect medium to tell a bit of your personal story.

Commemorate a new chapter of your life, represent your loved ones or a dear memory through color and shapes, and carry this meaningful story with you every day.

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