Wednesday 5th August 2015

Love in the Rough: Unpolished Diamond Jewelry

Young couples getting married are often trend setters. They're always looking for something that isn't traditional. They, more often than others, choose color diamonds that go beyond 'safe' champagne or yellow. That's why we're seeing more engagement rings in colors like gray and chocolate, and why more and more jewelry makers are "going rough". Top jewelers like Todd Reed have been featuring rough diamonds for years.

Traditionally, unpolished colored diamond jewelry was popular among Indian royals, and those designs still continue today in Rajasthan. These days they are adored for their organic look, bearing the inherent beauty of raw, untouched nature. Over thousands of years, rough diamonds have become associated with love, faith and healing. So they're often included in holistic and environmentally friendly jewelry such as that of Ken & Dana Design from New York, or Josef Koppmann's grey uncut diamonds rings at the Elsa Vanier gallery in Paris.

Langerman Diamonds sells natural rough diamonds in all colors, shapes and sizes. So whether it's for jewelry or investment, visit our website, email us or call us. We have a rough diamond with your name on it.

Tags: Diamonds, Jewelry, Rough diamonds, Engagement rings

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