Monday 30th August 2021

Retailer Websites Are Biggest Consumer Influencers for Jewelry Purchases

The Plumb Club Industry & Market Insights 2021, a multi-focused study, revealed its findings regarding the global jewelry market and more specifically the US jewelry industry. The project that took place during the 1st semester to understand consumer insights of this sector. A few of its main findings include:

  • 33% of respondents say that the  retailer’s website is the main influencer of a jewelry purchase. “Family and Friends” came in second at 30% and social media third with  14%.

  • 48% of the respondents say the main reason to purchase new jewellery is a special occasion.This was followed by “no reason needed” with 23% and personal reward  with 12%. 

  • Self-purchase also came in 1st when asked about “jewelry purchase motivations”  at 40% when asked about “jewelry purchase motivations”.

  • Quality appears to be twice as important (31%) than the price of the jewelry for the respondents. 


For more detailed information on the results of this survey visit The Plum Club.


Tags: online, jewelry, consumer influence

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