Thursday 30th January 2020

Rio’s Argyle Diamonds Featured on a Numismatic Treasure

A world-class collectable on display at The Perth Mint for a limited time, The Jewelled Tiger is crafted from 10oz of pure gold and features a three-dimensional representation of a tiger, one of the most revered animals in oriental culture. 

The tiger’s body is meticulously pavé-set with approximately 3-carats of specifically selected, intense to vivid colour Argyle pink diamonds. Two emeralds from Colombia's legendary Muzo mines feature as the tigers eye. 

Recognising the significance of the number eight in Asian cultures, only eight Jewelled Tiger coins will be issued by The Perth Mint, each presented in a luxurious display case with 18 carat gold furnishings inset with two additional Argyle pink diamonds.

This is the third release from the Perth Mint’s range of diamond-studded coins showcasing Asia’s mythical creatures.

Priced at $259,000 the Jewelled Tiger coin will be on display at The Perth Mint shop until sold out. Find out more here.


Source: Perthmint


Tags: Perth Mint, Coin, Argyle, Pink Diamonds

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